Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Going on the paucity of news, you wouldn't know that this week is NAIDOC and one of the most important in the year for Indigenous Australians. So it's only fitting we feature Indigenous artist Colin Wightman from the small mission town of Toomelah. 

On Sunday the 13th of July, to celebrate the closing of NAIDOC Week this surf board will be up for grabs for $1000 plus postage.It's ready to hang in the boardroom or ready to use, gloss coated and painted both sides, as above.

Colin says: "I paint what I see and what I was told by my Nan and other elders of the Goomeroi tribe. The color in my art depends on the location where I am and what I am feeling at the time."
Contact him on faceybook.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

another analogue memory

I've sat at this old silkyoak desk 
for several decades.

It's seen my pencil drawings 
of warplanes during the Vietnam War era 
Captain Goodvibes-inspired doodles 
of perfectly barrelling waves.
It's seen my primary school homework,
 my university assignments 
and even words for which magazines paid me.

For a while 
it was my kitchen table
when I lived alone.

And as my typewriter became 
another analogue memory
replaced by a shiny laptop, 
the yarns continue to seep 
deep into its grain.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Caffeine, Sheep and Mid-day Sharks

With the surf looking small to nothing tomorrow, it could be a great chance to avoid the mowing, the pruning, the annual tax return mess and head to the Teneriffe Festival in the Big Smoke to eat, drink, watch the runnng of the sheep (real animals, not politicians) or to catch Amy Shark (midday), The Belligerents, Caffeine and a bunch of other lesser known but hugely entertainng musicians. FREE

Non-surf images in this post courtesy Teneriffe Festival

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Wach Wach

Never tire of observing the fine balancing skills of Christian Wach on a long, uncrowded point wave.