Tuesday, December 15, 2015

While the billy boils

some digital Canon stuff

My tiny barometers

Are marching up and down the wall and across the floor in an orderly determined manner

Thousands of ants "moving freight" to higher ground, with all the determination of an ice trucker on a meth bender.

They're totally disciplined.

None are complaining that that's not their role.

None are denying The Wet is coming.

They all just roll up their tiny sleeves on their tiny legs and feet and get on with it.

And when they stop in a couple of weeks it will belt down a hard rain, like  tears from heaven.

Saturday, December 12, 2015


Cat spray daze

2015 spring pics taken on film

I stared at the cat too long
And now I'm late for work.

I'm sure the boss won't accept this excuse but he doesn't know the fear and loathing that one feral ginger cat can inflict on a neighbourhood during a 10 year reign of late night spraying, fighting and mating.

Ducks would gather their broods and paddle to the other side of the creek when they spotted Old Ginger prowling the bike track.

He was fearless using gutter and subterranean stormwater drain tactics to survive. He couldn't be tamed and wouldn't budge for Nobody.

He seemed to have an unlimited supply of cat-spray which he used on walls and cars and clean washing alike, making his mark with no respect for Australian values like"fair go".

Nothing was safe.

And now he's in a small cage.

Staring back at me. Finally caught by trapper.

And victorious in defeat, he's made me late for work.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Analogue is Dead Pt1

the whole art of promotion and marketing (that once relied on photogs who've honed their craft) has been revolutionised by the free availability of cheap image capturing devices and social media channels to share that information INSTANTLY.........

in the meantime, I'm buying film and patiently shooting dead flowers and writing rambling rants as I feel the ability to conjure images with words is also in the AI sights of computer algorithms

Monday, September 21, 2015


Awoke with a bang. Well I wanted to shoot the roosters that own the morning in our little village near Canggu. The neighbourhood call to prayer reminded me to be more peaceful to all critters. So slowly the day starts -  a coffee walk with Theresa to check out the banana plantation that's inhabiting a couple of acres next door. Next to that is a kind of shanty town about the size of six urban houses. No real estate seems to go wasted. There's not even room for footpaths so the local dogs (and there's lots of them ) have to sit in the middle off the road. 
That is until the ubiquitous motor scooter appears. Of course the top gnarly old dogs ignore the beeps and riders scoot around them. 

Highlight today was scooter mum with kid pillion rider facing the wrong way . A close second was the helmet less lady riding side saddle pillion.
Coffee done we do a surf check which took a while as we turned left Instead of right. 
Somebody has driven their small Toyota straight onto the beach! It's flat and glassy. Then out of nowhere a huge set of five rolls in. Then it's flat again. Just like those old Batman movies. 
Head back past rice paddies streetwise vendors selling bottles of petrol and all manner of construction and street side commerce. Big feed of fruit juice fried egg and some sort of nasi goreng rice dish and back for a surf followed by rest and repeat again.