Saturday, December 12, 2015

Cat spray daze

2015 spring pics taken on film

I stared at the cat too long
And now I'm late for work.

I'm sure the boss won't accept this excuse but he doesn't know the fear and loathing that one feral ginger cat can inflict on a neighbourhood during a 10 year reign of late night spraying, fighting and mating.

Ducks would gather their broods and paddle to the other side of the creek when they spotted Old Ginger prowling the bike track.

He was fearless using gutter and subterranean stormwater drain tactics to survive. He couldn't be tamed and wouldn't budge for Nobody.

He seemed to have an unlimited supply of cat-spray which he used on walls and cars and clean washing alike, making his mark with no respect for Australian values like"fair go".

Nothing was safe.

And now he's in a small cage.

Staring back at me. Finally caught by trapper.

And victorious in defeat, he's made me late for work.

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