Tuesday, March 6, 2012

This Vicarious Life

"vicarious [vɪˈkɛərɪəs vaɪ-]
1. obtained or undergone at second hand 
through sympathetic participation 
in another's experiences"

I thought last night I would write something today about the way our surfing industry (and media-fed society at large) tend to sell us vicarious pleasure - living life through the rantings, wanderings, fashions, tatoos and looks of our idols, heroes, villains(?) and all manner of celebrity in between.

Subliminally, subtly and even overtly the messages come back to us mere mortals.
"Wear the outfit today as seen 
on last night's red carpet special."
"Ride the same board as Kelly/Mick/Taj."
"Get the hipster look NOW. 
Click for immediate online delivery."

But then I had another night of insomnia, where my mind seemed set on instructing me that my life is anything but the WCT dream tour, the anchor tatoo, the kombi tour, the red carpet treatment, the hipster look. But will be scouring the Net for sleeping tips!


  1. “O Sleep, O Gentle Sleep, Natures Soft Nurse, How Have I Frightend Thee, That Thou No More Wilt Weigh my Eye-Lids Down And Steep My Senses In Forgetfulness?”
    ― William Shakespeare

  2. "Sleep per chance to dream" some Pommie bard
    cheers Airdude. Punched out a few zzZZz last night. Yew!