Friday, April 13, 2012

Balance (in search thereof )

I'm sitting in the kitchen chewing my breakfast cereal. Chewing over the last couple of weeks where "work" has overtaken "life". Chewing over what the dentist is going to say this afternoon when I present my crooked collection of coffee stained pain for her perusal. Chewing over the change in seasons and the changes in life that alternatively beset or befriend us. Chewing breakfast on one side of my mouth because the other needs repair.
 Even when "work" gets too hectic to post here, more than likely, I'll be at least uploading a snap or two at Instagram, while commuting (or waiting for the dentist!). I'm registered as brinetime if you want to follow my uploads there. Have a weekend of walls and wonder.


  1. I love that instagram photo! I hope your teeth are feeling better. I had a teeth thing recently as well and that's no fun.

  2. cheers - all good and $200 lighter!