Sunday, October 14, 2012

Monochrome Monday (marbles)

When surfers don't surf. we lose our marbles. Go crazy. Get antsy. Take up self-destructive habits like betting on dogs running around a circular track. We have to escape the grind. And so a few of us set out at dawn yesterday, undertaking our own version of The Search - attempting to find waves.

Well what we found wasn't like this.

 And, I didn't even ride any of my boards.
We didn't see any barrels, but we met a new friend, rode a different board, surfed a different spot, caught a few fun ones and had a few laughs over brunch and definitely put a marble or two back in the mental marble jar to tip the balance in the direction of Yew!


  1. Aye Rebecca One marble for getting wet and another for the hilarity