Monday, January 28, 2013

Omar and the Merc

Some text from my Moroccan iphone diary entries 4 November 2012.

"I'm pretty tired, having been up since 430, when I got some gorgeous 3 minute time lapses. Every time I start to kick back new photo ops present themselves - kids driving donkeys, markets, traffic jams in little villages.   Dirty great mountains or just the locals kickin back on a Sunday arvo."

"200pm Omar hauls Merc over flat agricultural country as we inch along the base of the main Atlas Mountains, where rain clouds hide the peaks. At Orica(?) we creep through an absolutely humongous chaotic market like something out of Indiana Jones - people everywhere horns honking, smoke from roadside cooking, and all manner of wares from tyres to clothes to food. You name it, they got it!"

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