Monday, February 18, 2013


I often hear ringing in my ears when there's nothing really ringing. I'm assuming here there's no invisible Harry Potter's pranking me. Mainly my right ear. It penetrates my thoughts and day dreams unannounced. One minute I'm thinking about something deep and meaningful like "Why do I enjoy seemingly pointless activities like running, meditation, surfing?" I mean how stupid, pointless and time wasting is surfing? It's just a repetitive process of paddle out-catch wave-paddle out-catch wave-paddle out-catch wave (fall off)-curse at drop ins-catch wave-get skin cancer. 
Then, in mid thought, out of nowhere, this high pitched whirr will pierce my reflections. My ears start to hurt - well usually my right ear. Sometimes I get dizzy. It's nothing like the echoes of the past contained in a big seashell type of sound. It's more like a ghost of the Industrial Revolution - a mechanical sound. It's almost like I'm picking up short-wave static via the numerous mercury(!) amalgam fillings in my teeth. Maybe it's from too much loud live music?  Too much mobile phone? Wrong medication? Old age? Who knows.
Thankfully it departs for God-knows-where after a while.
Maybe I'll see the doctor.

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