Thursday, September 12, 2013

Does the editor surf?

Even in this wonderful digital age of immediacy and instant gratification, I still find myself buying the odd surf mag including the Pacific Longboarder which recently featured some pics of my mates at a spot we all love (and hate when it's crowded out).

 But something I've wondered about is why you never see pictures of the editors of these mags surfing - Phil Jarrat ex-Tracks, Bruce Channon ex-Surfing World and ex-Australian Longboarder and John Brasen from Pacific Longboarder mag - I've seen them all surfing so I know they aren't just cynical keyboard hacks chained to laptops in some media mogul's basement like so many briney battery hens.

So here's a small tribute to The Ed with today's featured editor John Brasen surfing his way to winning his division at the 2013 Wrecks and Relics Comp. Stay wet or at least have a good ride on a road somewhere.

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