Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Song for Dora

Harrison Roach x First Point

Word on the coconut telegraph is that The Who (or what's left of them) might be coming to our barren island this year.
It's part of what they are calling, the Last Tour Ever.
They'll keep making albums, but the logistics and physical toll of touring are now too much for a bunch of old geezers from Shepherd's Bush, London.
I for one, will be trying to get tix.

"I can go anyway, way I choose

I can live anyhow, win or lose

I can go anywhere, for something new
Anyway, anyhow, anywhere I choose"

"Nothing gets in my way

Not even locked doors

Don't follow the lines
That been laid before
I get along anyway I dare
Anyway, anyhow, anywhere"

from Anyway Anyhow Anywhere by The Who

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