Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Brine Time

I started my first blog - Brine Time - about five years ago as a response to my brother's passing and that gut wrenching grief that can't be explained in words or pictures.  I guess at the back of my mind, mixed in with all those emotions, was the cold hard reality that we're all mortal. Me included.

Despite our mortality,  photography enables the moments we witnessed along the paths we trekked, to live a little longer, to be witnessed again years, or decades later by the generations that follow us. That's not why I take photos. It's just a side benefit.

After 793 posts, the IT gods advised that I had filled my quota of free space on Brne Time. Hence this thing called Modyssey (modern + odyssey) Click here to check out my first blog. Peace to you and your tribe.

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