Monday, June 8, 2015

Impossible Land (Eddie did go)

"Don't undertake a project 
unless it's manifestly important 
and nearly impossible"

 Before The Impossible Project and the whole Holga-esque dalliance with film, there was Polaroid and it's founder the brilliant thinker Dr Edwin Land. Apart from sunglasses and funky cameras, this fella brought into the photographic universe the surf shooter's greatest friend, the polarising filter, which cuts out a lot of the reflective glare off the ocean. Thanks Eddie!

What sorts of projects can we take on, can we dream of, can we initiate, can we talk up, jot down and share around?

Australians like to think that we embody two qualities - "have a go" and "fair go". The latter, an egalitarian declaration that we are all created equal in the eyes of the gods of our choice and that all should be treated fairly. (Some work to do here, I admit.)

But "have a go"? Why not? Give it burl, as my old Dad would say.

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