Monday, April 29, 2013

Buddah Would Go

I bought a tee shirt the other week showing a drawing of a chubby Buddah with a surfboard and the words "Buddah would go" - a kinda twisted tribute to the late Eddie Aikau ("Eddie would Go"). 

The lady who made it claimed it was a true story. She went to go surfing with her husband and thought the conditions were a bit wild for her level of competence. Her hubby simply said "Buddah would go". They had a great surf and she got inspired to make a tee. 

I like to think about that phrase - "Eddie would go", when I need a little kick along in the motivation department.

The notion of a deity surfing makes as much sense I suppose as a deity having a birthday (is that a tautology, deity being born and all?). I know Jesus spent a bit of time on the water. I'm not across the whole Buddah-on-brine thing, so maybe I'll crash his birthday party this weekend to find out more.
In the meantime here's an inspiring vid from Kiwi photog, Mark Gee. Happy Birthday Buddah.

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