Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Would Eddie Go Pro?

Add can't shoot this with a Go Pro

I met a very hip surf photographer at an engagement party after-party the other night. God knows why somebody of my vintage was further damaging their ear drums at an hour when my generation should be snoring and dreaming, but the vibe was tasty. I even saw a poster for an upcoming gig by Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine,
So me and the hipster are talking about our craft and swapping stories of epic treks and near drownings to get The Shot. And as I've discovered, I seem to blab on and on about gear and swapping hints like,"do you spit on the dome or lick it? " We are talking underwater camera housings here. Nice. I learned some new stuff and shared some old stuff. He seemed happy that I had been shooting Noosa since 1975.

So we say our goodbyes and he says "I'm so glad you didn't say you use a Go Pro." It's like those brilliant little boxes with their super-wide angle are inferior to our monster DSLR rigs. But for me, I reckon whatever gear gets the job done. I don't own a Go Pro but I use a swag of film cameras and a couple of digi's and they all take different kinds of pics. So if you see me Go Pro-ing one day, don't assume anything, (except I'll be spitting not licking the dome.)

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