Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I'm excited

 I've covered the walls of many brine caves with numerous mags over the years - sadly most are no longer with us. Wonderful mags like Deep (for the thinking surfer) and Sunshine Fluid (from the Sunshine Coast). So I'm quite excited (and a bit surprised) that somebody would launch another surf mag in a"soft" economic climate, in an era where most surfers want instant gratification via compressed pixels on a phone which is hardly ever used for phoning (myself included).

So BIG THANKS for the crew at Great Ocean. May your brand new magazine (quarterly) fly in the face of economic adversity and bring inspiration to those of us who think that the sea is something more than a stage to pose in overpriced shorts. Good luck.

I'm also excited about this little festival (apart from the traffic, the parking meters and "the scene").

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