Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Revenue, Roxy and Ridicule

"No money, no funny." one of my mates used to say. We all need it - at least in the early stages until we can purchase or roam around scrounging free and recycled stuff and live off the grid eating food we grow and riding boards we make out of trees we grow. (There's a beaut board at my Mum's that my brother got for free.) 
And if you run a business, you need a profile so customers know you're out there. And to get a profile, you usually need to advertise via a multitude of channels. So far so good.
Bill Stewart of Woosley Surfboards on a pre-1968 Wooseley board
 And if it wasn't for advertising, a lot of photographers wouldn't survive. So although I don't have any adverts popping up on my blog, I'll probably give you a waterproof business card if I get a good shot of you out in the brine. I've certainly shot or adverts but there's some topics like tobacco advertising that I won't touch.
What I find annoying and all a bit creepy (and I must confess I'm not across the nuances of modern surf comps) is the latest advert for Roxy where an unidentified woman wakes up topless, puts on a shirt, takes off a shirt, has a shower, drives to the beach, paddles out in a surf comp - supposedly Biaritz. It would never happen in real life like that. It's degrading and does nothing for the image of women surfing and worst of all there's no actual footage of actual real surfer women surfing to warrant a connection between the surf based product (Roxy) and the activity it's allegedly connected with.
On the good side, I hear somebody has done a spoof video where the camera's gaze lingers along an unattractive (whatever that is) chaps hairy legs etc. Kudos too to the recent Style Magazine fashion prade that featured women of avariety of ages and shapes  yes we wrinkly old buggers have cash to spend too.
Roxy, lift yer game.

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