Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Shutter Lag

 Quite a few times I have been asked "What camera do you use?"
And the answer is "many" - Canon DSLR, Canon point and shoot, mobile phone and a bunch of film cameras- Nikonos, Holga, Rolleicord (1936 model), Fotoman 612.
Today's photos were all taken with a little digital range finder Canon G12 in either full manual or AV mode. There's no mirror which is great for hand held slow shutter stuff (and my shaky hands).
I've taken this little black box all over Australia as well as the Maldives and Morocco. Dropped it in the sand. Dropped it on the ground. Still working.
People take no notice in the street as it doesn't look real professional.
One down side is the shutter lag - the time it takes for the camera to agree with my trigger finger to actually take the shot. But if you want something in between expensive and cheap, this is the one. Of course it's obsolete. The current model is G15 or something.

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