Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Photo below is a collaboration between two different cameras with two different lenses in two different places and the wonderful tech of Photoshop Elements (which came for free with my scanner - can't afford the Real Photoshop and am precious about stealing as should any creative be).
The sign and trees are near Brunswick Heads shot from the car while travelling south to Byron Bay. As the usual highway driver, I always wanted to get this shot but never stopped...rule one, stop and get the shot. 
But this day I was the passenger. We didn't stop, but I gave the Nikonos II and 35mm len's "manual-everything" combo my best guess.
The surf shot was captured on the Sunny Coast with a Nikonos V + 80mm combo (a tricky lens to use while treading water in the surf). 

But the real point of this post is to highlight the analogue wonders of the crew over at #nikonosproject. Great to see the next generation of surf shooters embracing the awesome analogue technology (is that a tautology, Rebecca?) of the last century.
Check them out. Go film!

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