Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What if?

It's pretty gloomy weather here today in Brinetopia. We have had record falls of rain during what should be a fairly dry, sunny winter. So I thought an extra splash of colour was needed.

For those still reading, gloomy weather doesn't just exist outside our heads but seeps inside too sometimes - illness, fatigue, money woes, relationship woes, being a teenager, being old, losing loved ones and so on. Life gets complicated. (Thank your God that we have the brine to roll around in.)

So I was intrigued and moved enough to share this little find, which may or not, be to your liking. I admit I'm a bit skeptical of anything reeking of unqualified "self-help", especially when there are so many banner adds, but then again, what if? What if I read this little poem called What If?  ? 

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