Thursday, April 26, 2012

Anton Bruehl

I had seen this iconic advertising shot from last century but never knew the photographer was Australian Anton Bruehl (1900 - 1983) until I went to a recent exhibition of his work from a time when film on large sheets the size of A4 was the only option. Yet, these folks had a technical mastery of their craft that seems alien in these post-post-modern times.

I did smile at a couple of "futuristic" fashion shots at the exhibition, especially this forecast by Gilbert Rhode written in 1939:

"man of the next century will revolt against shaving 
and wear a beautiful beard... 
His hat will be his antenna 
snatching radio out of the ether . 
His socks - disposable . 
His suit minus tie, collar, buttons. 
His belt will hold all his pockets ever did"

Hope your weekend features the best of the past and dreams of the future while maximising stoke in the present.

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