Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Friends x Zeppelin

I'm slowly getting my act together as dawn creeps over the horizon to my right. Just me and the stars and the coffee percolator. I'm listening to "Friends" by Led Zeppelin, a track they rarely played live. As a guitar puppy, I find the lyrics and open C-6 tuning captivating.

I can't even begin to conceptualise a life devoid of friends like my mates Mark above and Phil below, who took me to the Maldives last year. They hoot at my poor attempts to ride a longboard. (Being a shortboarder who occasionally goes long when the waves demand it). They laugh at my anecdotes, even though I have probably repeated the same yarns a few times during our decades together. They lift me up and point me at the light when all looks grim. BIG Thanks. You are my heroes!
"Bright light almost blinding, 
black night still there shining,
I can't stop, keep on climbing, 
looking for what I knew. "
from Friends by Led Zeppelin 1970

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