Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gigantic Underwear

I'm all for celebrating, nurturing and respecting the Different and the Disenfranchised and there's no more a diverse universe then the WWW - Worldwide Whacked Web.

In the last week I have been offered $450M as a loan, pressured to join fundamentalist crusades, bagain surgical instruments, invitations to aRt show openings and gigantic underwear sales (I don't wear gigantic underwear, by the way) and all manner of lurid "opportunities". Clearly the harvesters of social media personal details and shopping habits that we are all so concerned about have failed to distil my spending patterns. So here they are:
*  food
*  wax
* petrol (gas) and mechanical
* insurance
* electricity, water, gas
* medical attention
* music
* photography
* coffee (strong, voluminous and NOT tepid)
* charities of my choice (I have enough, already)
* repairs to the Brinecave
* public transport
* bicycle
* surf equipment
* air
* sunshine
* waves

So there you go. Pretty simple. So unless you are offering me FREE use of an AF 800mm F5.6 or AF 600mm F4, I won't be interested. NOTE to benevolent patrons out there 800 or 600, OK and your logo here. This offer valid only for next three days.

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