Monday, April 16, 2012

"Rain Periods"

The rain is hitting the tin roof so hard I can't think. Then again it might just be the coffee hasn't reached the hypothalamus. It's so dark my circadian rhythms have me believing that the sun isn't rising for a few more hours.
So I check the weather radar to be sure and once again my friends the humble ant are dead right as I spy monster low full of precipitation heading this way. Or as the weather bureau would warn:

"Rainfall totals close to 100mm have been recorded in the Maroochy catchment in the 3 hours to midnight Monday. Further locally heavy rainfall is expected overnight and on Tuesday within the warning area, leading to fast river and creek rises in the areas of heaviest falls.
Catchments that may be affected include the Maroochy, Mooloolah, Upper Mary, Pine, Caboolture, Stanley, Logan, Albert and Gold Coast catchments."

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