Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Certainty x Novelty

I was talking with a psychologist yesterday about life and the meaning we give it when he summarised it into six categories: Certainty, Novelty, Love, Growth, Significance and Contribution. It all made sense but was made more poignant this morning when I spied the gorgeous sunrise.
As a "morning person", I reckon I've seen more than 10000 dawns. As a photographer, I've probably shot the same sun hitting my lens from the the same angle hundreds of times. The certainty of another day is reassuring, but the novelty of seeing the same thing in a different light (literally) also gives me a buzz. I guess that's why I can't ride one kind of craft. I seek the certainty of Stoke but I want the novelty of achieving it via quads, single fins, air matts, bodysurfing, thrusters, longboards. Who would have thought you can have certainty and novelty at the same time?

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