Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wave Wave

Another dawn patrol. You get to the beach. The lefts are going off on that sandbank 100 meters up from the carpark. You text your friends to get on it. Grab the shortboard and a vest out of the car and stash the key in your leggie's secret pocket. You're so stoked there's nobody on your special little left. They're all out the front of the carpark on a tubey right peak. You bolt up the beach and wade across the creek as a little incoming tide pushes you sideways.
It's just then you realise you've left your "smart phone" in your boardies' back pocket. Epic fail? Well, maybe not. Enter some new water safe technology from Liquipel. Their thin polymer coating keeps the water out of the phone and all is good. Weekend is off to a great start. Get out there. Wave if you're stoked.

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