Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mise en Scene

In my imaginary surf movie, this would be the first shot. Rather plain, no waves, but plenty of room in the frame for a title like "Modyssey" or something more contemporary like "Hipsters Unleashed 3". A rather laid back vibe would slowly start creeping out of the speakers. This would be the second shot, as I establish mise-en-scene as the French film critics in Cahiers du Cinema were want to say.

"What matters in a film 
is the desire for order, 
composition, harmony, 
the placing of actors and objects, 
the movements within the frame, 
the capturing of a moment or look...
Mise en scene is nothing 
other than the technique 
invented by each director 
to express the idea 
and establish 
the specific quality of his work."
Fereydoun Hoveyda 
Of course there would be surfing footage. Eventually It's a surf movie after all. This post is for my fellow traveller and student of cinematic discourse, Mark. Soon holidays, buddy.

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