Monday, September 3, 2012

Overboard Boards Partt2

More lost surfboard stories from my mates. Thanks again to all contributors.

"I went for a quick surf a couple months back. Just at 5th Ave Burleigh, took a co-workers board out. Maurice Cole 6’2” thruster. Had an aweful surf, partly due to the fact I don’t like thrusters and it was pretty small. Looked at my watch, was 10 going on 15 minutes late for work. Just put the board on the racks while I changed and forgot to put in back of car. Went about 100 meters, looked in the backseat…no board… took the right turn pretty quick, and WHAMMY, there it went onto the Esplanade. Luckily there was no one behind me or it would have been a couple of handplanes by then. 
Picked it up off the street, inspected it, just a slight deviation in the nose, but nothing too exciting. Threw it in the back and off to work. 
Luckily he didn’t care, he didn’t even like the thing, so I still have it. Unridden since and probably will never see the salt again."
"... A VW too. AND it was my Woosley.
Left Kirra late afternoon after a surf, heading home around the point towards Coolangatta.
As I rounded the point into the teeth of the southerly, my board started sliding across the racks (Forgot to tie it on – obviously). It gradually lifted at the nose then actually glided off the car and down beside it. Never stopped gliding and made a perfect two point (nose and tail) landing on the bitumen at about 20 mph. Slid gently to a stop, just coming to rest gently up against that low concrete wall which used to separate the road from the footpath.
Just looked like I’d sanded the nose and tail lightly with a sander.
Gave the damage a light finish coat and all was good.
Took about the luck of the Irish (well, Scottish actually)."
Trev G
"Lost 5 boards off the roof of a mate's VeeDub one day between Byron and Broken Hd. Mine landed on the grass verge - very little damage but a couple of others where pretty dinged. Luckily, none were run over!"

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