Monday, September 10, 2012

Seducing Demons

Today's post is dedicated to my long boarding mentor and good mate The Bazzmeister who has just joined "the zipper club" following open heart surgery. Speedy recovery mate! In the meantime, there's magazines, surf vids and blogs to keep you stoked.

Book of the week is Erica Jong's funny, irreverent memoirs Seducing the Demon, a brilliant guide for all aspiring writers. On page 205 she writes:
"I think it's almost impossible for a young person 
to get into the head of an old person. 
If we could the world would never go forward 
nor would it change. 
The old are perhaps younger in mind than we. 
But their bodies have rebelled against them, 
and while we still have our eyes, 
our legs, our ears, we cannot imagine this. 
We think our material selves will last forever. 
The old know better. 
They know that nothing lasts but words, music and colour. 
The rest is just a pile of bones and teeth 
and a dark spot in the ground."


  1. Yeah Baz!

    And that book sounds interesting. I haven't read it.


  2. Thanks Doctor. I'll loan you the book next time we catch up.