Sunday, September 2, 2012

Monochrome Monday (Board Overboard)

I posed the same question recently to a bunch of experienced surfers. Here's the first of their responses. More to come in the following days. Thanks to all who contributed. If you have one to share, email me at
"Had four boards leave the roof of my car, they were still attached to the roof racks. 
The whole lot sailed through the air landing by the side of the back beach road at Crescent Head. The road 
is heavily rutted & the racks worked themselves loose. Fins were smashed on two boards, the oldest board (McCoy) was untouched. T
he newest board (keno) two surf's old had a large cut all the way to the stringer. Was a terrible way to end a top session with just the 4 of us in the water for a good three hours."
Paul M

"Back in 1970 or 1971 Tony and I had just finished surfing at Duranbah (not yet Dbah). We we got in the trusty VW and headed up the hill. Tony who is driving says to me did you tie the boards on? I said no I thought you did! We turn our heads to see them spiraling onto the road! Dinged rails a plenty!"
"Christmas 1970, Bill & I had been surfing Flagstaff (Duranbah) beach all morning and the resulting tiredness caused us to assume that the other one had tied the boards on ! BIG mistake !!!! halfway up D'bah hill we both turned to each other and said those famous words spoken by hundreds of surfers over the years "Did you tie the......."Before we even finished the sentence, our question was answered when the wind lifted our two Trackers off and flung them to the road !!! Bill's pin tail hit the grass verge and suffered little, where as mine hit full force, mid rail onto the centre of the road. A quick prayer failed to repair the Massive rail damage.
Rod Teys injected massive amounts of resin and the prayer was finally answered. Brilliant "resto job" and the tracker was back in action. Rod is a Master!! I have never forgotten to tie boards down since !!!"

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